Gesellschafter der asanetwork GmbH

In 1998 the asanetwork GmbH was founded by 12 members of the German Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Automotive Service Equipment (German ASA) and the DEKRA Data Beratung und Software-Service GmbH.

To the very date, nature and purpose of asanetwork GmbH has been the development, enhancement, distribution and world-wide marketing of the asanetwork interface standard for communication – independent of make – between automotive service equipment and motor-vehicles as well as ERP software or similar information systems for automotive workshops, testing stations or end-of-line applications.

Considering the increase in globalisation, the asanetwork GmbH has decided to open up for international partners organised in the European umbrella association EGEA, or businesses whose main purpose is the manufacture and marketing of automotive service equipment or relative services.

Partners of GmbH: