• What is asanetwork?

asanetwork connects your workshop equipment with the dealer management software

The commercial software (Dealer Management System / DMS) of your car dealership or test center exchanges data with various workshop devices in a standardized manner; specifically, work and test orders are processed with it.

The workshop network thus closes the digital gap between your DMS and your workshop.

asanetwork optimises the workflow in your workshop

A customer order is created in the commercial software first. Afterwards the work orders are sent to the relevant workshop equipmment and processed there. After processing, the completed work orders are sent back to the commercial software including the result data to be archived there, e.g. in the digital vehicle file.

Valuable resources are saved with each work order:

  • No time-consuming double entries at the DMS and at the devices
  • No errors when entering and transferring device data
  • No waste of paper and toner due to unnecessary printing of logs
  • No time-consuming paper filing in the archive
  • Fast, electronic access to logs when needed

asanetwork joins your workshop with your system suppliers

With the use of workshop network, digital productivity potentials are optimally leveraged.

Multiple manual data entries are avoided and test and work processes of the devices are optimized in terms of function and time.

Data are not lost or falsified during transfer, and archiving can be automated.

The complete vehicle file generates optimal information up to each workstation and the transparency gained with it promotes the competence and the image gain towards your customers.

What is needed for a workshop network?

Compared to the benefits, the investments are vanishingly small. The following components are required:

  • An existing Local Area Network (LAN/WLAN)
  • An existing Server
  • One NETMAN 4.0
  • A commercial software with integrated asanetwork-gateway
  • Workshop-Equipment with integrated asanetwork-gateway

The following workshop product categories may be networked: