What is required for a workshop network?

For a complete communication network in the workshop the following components are necessary

  • network-capable workshop equipment
  • commercial software (Dealer Management Software (DMS), repair data, logistics etc.)
  • asanetwork manager Asanetman

Compared to the benefits for the workshop the investment is incredibly low

  • All relevant information made available at every workstation
  • Time savings through once-only entry of data
  • Reduction of errors through central data administration
  • Enhanced service reputation and image with customers through greater transparency
  • Complete history of customer and vehicle data
  • Greatly improved profitability
  • Comparative data and test results can be retrieved at any time
  • Fast online updates mean that latest technology and information is always available

asanetwork pays off

A few figures concerning amortisation:

On the basis of the aforementioned prices and an average spacing between the workstations, the investment for a workshop network consisting of two computer workplaces (reception and manager’s office / store) and three workstations (test lane and diagnostics plus exhaust gas analyser) would be approx. € 1,200-1,500. This figure does not include the software.

Example calculation

Savings per annum:
Assuming that at least one asanetwork-capable device (e.g. exhaust gas analyser) is used for every vehicle serviced, the following savings could be achieved simply be omitting the need to enter customer or vehicle data plus emission inspection statistics (AU Plus) based on an hourly charge of € 60.00 and approx. 8 minutes at each workstation:

No. of vehicles serviced 10 per day
20 per day
35 per day
Approx. saving p.a. 17.000 euros 35.000 euros  60.000 euros

This calculation does not include additional savings that can be achieved by a faster vehicle throughput, reduction of input errors and waiting times, or the reduction of unnecessary organisational tasks.

The investment plan for the automotive workshop

Die nachfolgenden Preise sind ungefähre Marktpreise und basieren auf Erfahrungswerten:

1. Computerised workshop equipment

  • New equipment is normally network-capable without extra charge thanks to the integrated asanetwork interface.
  • In the case of newer-generation equipment that is already installed the software can normally be updated.
  • The costs for an update are approximately € 300-1,000.

Please ask your supplier for details.

2. Commercial software (DMS)

  • ASC, Bodi-Data, Bosch, Broadleaf, Centro, DEKRA, Driver Team BV, KSR, KÜS, GTÜ, Loco-Soft, Matthies, MSDas, Porsche Austria, T-Systems, Trost, Werbas, TAK / ZDK, VW – Audi are already network-capable.
  • Depending on the scope of the software and software modules, the investment is approximately € 300-3,000, or approximately € 300-800 to update existing software.

3. asanetwork manager

  • The heart of asanetwork is the asanetwork manager that organises and controls the data flow and stores all data temporarily should a piece of equipment break down.
  • Only one network manager is required per network (workshop).

Your investment: € 829.00

4. Interconnection of workstations

  • Installation of network cables, incl. connectors and connections, approximately € 12 per metre cable installed.
  • Network card per workstation approximately € 25.
  • Plus construction work according to time required.
  • Wireless network for mobile workstations such as mobile exhaust gas analyser.

Your investment per workstation is approximately € 300-500.

In addition, there will be costs for installation of the software and training of personnel to consider. From experience we estimate these costs at approximately 20 per cent of the network installation costs.