asanetwork compatible equipment: Tire Service

These devices are network-ready and can use the asanetwork standard to communicate with other devices or business software:

Beissbarth GmbHTyre Tester mtt 2020 / 2100 
Snap-on Equipment GmbHHOFMANN
geodyna 7340s, 7340l, 7340p, 7700l, 7700p, 7750p, 7800p, 7850p, 8200p, 8250p, 9000p.
B340S, B340L, B340P, B800P, B1200P, B2000P.
S1450S, S1450L, S1450P
Hofmann Werkstatt-Technik

Snap-on Equipment GmbH
geodyna 4800

geodyna 6800

geodyna 6800 p

geodyna 6800 premium
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