These devices are network-ready and can use the asanetwork standard to communicate with other devices or business software:

Badger Meter Europa GmbHLubrication Management System MD 2000 / FM S3000easanetwork certified
Flaco-Geraete GmbHLubrication Management

System Flacodat II

System Flacodat IV
asanetwork certified

asanetwork cerified
HORN GmbH & Co KGLubrication Management DSS / TMSasanetwork certified
HORN GmbH & Co KGLubrication Management TMS IIasanetwork certified
HORN GmbH & Co KGPC Gtawayasanetwork certified
Samoa-Hallbauer GmbHControl Master /

Samoa asanet Loader
asanetwork certified

asanetwork certified