The standard interface for the automotive industry.

The interfaces, data format and data transfer protocols are standardised and based on the Internet. All network participants (equipment manufacturers, software providers, data suppliers, vehicle inspection organisations) must convert their software (data format) to the asanetwork standard format before they can transmit their data via the network manager to associated devices on the net.

The network manager asanetman is the heart of the system. It oversees and coordinates all data streams in the network. In addition, data can be stored temporarily. This enables regular central backups and the possibility of saving data for users who are not yet ready to receive it.

The interface interconnects computerised workshop equipment such as brake testers, exhaust gas analysers, wheel aligners etc. with commercial software applications, e.g. dealer management software or with the inspection software applications of the vehicle inspection organisations.

asanetwork maximises work processes in the workshop and improves profitability.

Updates for the asanetwork manager can be downloaded free at