asanetwork connects your workshop equipment with your commercial DMS software

  • connects

    your workshop equipment with dealer management software (DMS)

  • joins

    your workshop with car manufacturers and system suppliers

  • optimises

    the workflow in your workshop and increases profit by up to € 50,000 per year

Now available for download, the new upgrade asanetwork-Manager 4.0

Certification of CARTESY’s ANW CONNECT BOX with integrated NETMAN 4.0

For the first time a new product was successfully audited in the new device category of asanetwork-compatible “Network interfaces”.

The ANW CONNECT BOX acts as an asanetwork server due to the integrated NETMAN 4.0 and connects asanetwork-compatible equipment also via integrated WiFi-network without any additional license fee for the NETMAN 4.0!


The new NETMAN 4.0 upgrade not only supports WINDOWS®, but also LINUX distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE as well as Synology DSM

The web-based user interface has undergone a complete revision. Licensing is now made through on-line activation instead of a USB dongle, with the added benefit of much easier installation on virtual server systems.

Existing asanetwork manager installations can be upgraded to NETMAN 4.0. Depending on the age of the installation the upgrade fee ranges from 99 € (plus VAT where applicable) up to 249 € (plus VAT where applicable) for initial installations dating back to 2017 and before.