• For the digital workshop


your workshop equipment with dealer management software (DMS)


your workshop with car manufacturers and system suppliers


the workflow in your workshop

Welcome to the new website of asanetwork!

The “network for the digital workshop!” is an industry standard that connects the workshop equipment of your car dealership or test center with your commercial software and thus closes the digital gap between your office and the workshop.

You will find under “What is asanetwork?” how easy it is to build up a “network for the digital workshop” and which advantages you can benefit with it!

Under “Partners” you will find both, the providers of commercial software and the equipment manufacturers who have integrated an interface to the “network for the digital workshop” in their products.

If you want to start right away, download NETMAN 4.0 and test the full version for 15 days. If you already own workshop devices with an integrated equipment license, then the NETMAN 4.0 is even free!

If you have any questions, just contact us under “Support“.