asanetwork is primarily an interface standard for workshop equipment, commercial software applications (DMS),
inspection software applications and information systems (repair data).

  • connects

    your workshop equipment with dealer management software (DMS)

  • joins

    your workshop with car manufacturers and system suppliers

  • optimises

    the workflow in your workshop and increases profit by up to € 50,000 per year

Is your workshop still competitive?

Unproductive work such as finding things, writing, calling and waiting easily sums up to more than 25 percent in some workshops. This means you can invoice 3 to 4 hours a day only for a day’s work done by your car mechanic. Assuming an hourly rate of 60 euros and roughly 250 work days you will understand this high loss has a giant potential for savings!

On the other hand, asanetwork optimises procedures, making them transparent!

Interface Standard asanetwork

The extensive integration of affordable PC technology into workshop equipment such as engine testers, wheel aligners, exhaust gas analysers, test lanes etc. is finally implementing the “old” idea of interconnecting workshop equipment, dealer management software (DMS), automobile manufacturers or independent automotive workshops. asanetwork creates the technical prerequisites to make measurement and test equipment of different manufacturers compatible with commercial software applications (DMS) or to link them up with future e-commerce systems.

Livestream asanetwork

The new brake tester directive issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) stipulates that all brake testers used by the inspection agencies during the periodic technical inspection according to section 29 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) must be equipped with theasanetwork Livestream interface as the standard data interface.
asanetwork Livestream is a modified, simplified version of the asanetwork standard interface that has been specially adapted and introduced to meet the requirements of the brake tester directive. For this use the interface is available free of charge.

Validator asanetwork

Our inspection software livestream Validator is designed for checking brake tester functionality in accordance with the new brake tester directive and for performing single conformity inspections (Stückprüfung).
To prevent abuse when carrying out single conformity inspections of brake testers, the brake tester department of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) has decided to provide the Validator with an individual copy protection (USB dongle). The test report will thus show the company and name of the inspector, the brake testers for which he is licensed and the date the license expires (normally after two years).

We solve the problems of workshops, dealerships & manufacturers


  • Non-productive tasks
    (searching for information, making telephone calls or inquiries…)
  • Incorrect orders
  • Wrong deliveries
  • Multiple deliveries
  • Lack of information
  • High costs
  • Poor service

Bottom line: Low profitability

Dealerships & manufacturers

  • Wrong deliveries
  • Multiple deliveries
  • High logistics costs
  • High handling costs
  • High stock levels

Bottom line: Low profitability

The benefits of optimising the workflow through the use of asanetwork are obvious for both workshop operators and car dealers:

  • Once-only entry of vehicle and customer data saves time.

  • Error reduction through central data administration.

  • No further data input or note-taking necessary – test results are captured automatically and saved to the vehicle file.

  • Repair information can be retrieved directly at every workstation.

  • Optimised workflow for order acceptance personnel, the mechanic and the shop manager.

  • Reliable workshop and personnel planning, for instance by permanent tracking of all work orders.

  • Enhanced service reputation and image projected to customers through greater transparency.

  • Repaired vehicle delivered with all technical reports, if desired.

  • Complete history of all relevant measurements, test results and other documents.

  • Comparative data for a fast and smooth regulation of insurance cases, leasing returns, disputes etc.

  • Increased workshop productivity and associated higher workshop utilisation means greatly improved profits.

  • Prepared for e-commerce, including vehicle and parts identification, warehouse logistics and order processing.

  • Online update service ensures that latest information and technology is always available.

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